APlus tyresHave you seen APlus tyres around or do you have APlus tyres on your car?..

Aplus has full range of tire sizes and comprehensive tread patterns that can meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent possible.

Shandong Haohua Tyre Co. has a professional manufacturer of PCR tyres and TBR tyres in China. APlus is at a enterprise size and with a turnover ranked within the top 5 within the Chinese tyre manufactures and is in the world’s top 20 tyre manufactures.

Aplus strategy as a enterprise is cultivating excellent enterprise talents, shaping efficient execution team, developing high-tech products, adhering to the principle of lean production, committed to green and low-carbon manufacturing, grasping the trend of market development, and creating famous world brand such as APLUS, LANVIGATOR, ROYAL BLACK and COMPASAL.

Aplus Tyres

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