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The INOVIT™ Thrust marries a cross-spoke structure with our new multilayer design language. Look closely and you'll notice the intricate details that set the INOVIT™ Thrust apart from the generic mesh-style design offerings on the market today; sweeping spokes toward the edge of the rim evoke design cues of old, while the fundamental components have a contemporary feel, making the finished design appear larger than it actually is - a difficult result to achieve were it not for the knowledge and expertise of the INOVIT™ team.
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The INOVIT™ Vector is a beautiful thing to behold. Elegant chamfered spokes, straight cut inner barrel, sweeping concave profile, high weight-rating there really is nothing this wheel cannot achieve. Being an open face design also allies itself to vehicles with large brake setups accentuating them and giving an aggressive visual. The Vector was a hit before we released it, and it is still a hit today.
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