Check list for fitting wheels and/or tyres on the vehicle

As TyresNow supplies a wide range of brands we have taken an extra step to detail how to fit your wheels/tyres to the wheels you might have bought from us.

1. Wheels must be matched to the correct tyre size for your vehicle. The tyre size that the retailer your purchased from suggest should be the correct size for your vehicle. Using an incorrect tyre size may greatly affect the performance and could affect the life of the wheel itself.

2. Wheels can fit depending on how many holes the wheel has to match the vehicle. This isn’t always the only sign of fitment, fitment will depend on other aspects such as your PCD and correct Offsets. The retailer you bought wheels off should match these factors of the wheels to your vehicle.

3. Depending on the wheels you bought they may have different bolt/nut seating in the nut/bolt holes. You must ensure that the retailer uses or supplies the correct nuts/bolts that meet the requirements for the wheels/vehicle. Incorrect nuts/bolts can affect the ability to tighten the wheel to the vehicle and can result in Major Wheel and Vehicle Damage, Braking Degradation and can lead to a severe or Fatal Accident.

The tightening of the nuts/bolts should also be done the correct way. The most effective method is by using a low torque wrench on the nuts/bolts to get the wheel seated on the hub of the car properly, then a high torque can be used to tighten to the necessary force. Too much or too little torque can lead to the wheel becoming loose or cause damage to the wheel due to over tightening. After driving 50kms on your new wheels you should always check that they are still tight by going over them again with a torque wrench or the tools provided in your vehicle.

4. Once you or the fitter have mounted the wheels to the car you should always check for any contact between the bodywork/ suspension and the wheels/tyres or any contact with the brake assembly on the vehicle to prevent anything stopping the wheel from free spinning. Not doing so may cause damage to the vehicle and may lead to a severe or fatal accident.

5. Finishing up, Driving on your new wheels might have you feeling cool but don’t forget to balance and align your vehicle wheels and tyres. Alignments should be carried out by a approved wheel aligner to ensure your wheels and vehicle drives straight on the road and cause very little wear thought out the adventures.



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