Ford Falcon Wheels

Ford Falcon Wheels

How To Choose A New Set Of Ford Falcon Wheels

Replacing the wheels and rims of your ford falcon is one way you can improve the visuals and performance of your car. However, there are things you must keep in mind when shopping for aftermarket wheels. You don’t just go into a tyre and wheel shop and buy the shiniest or biggest wheels you can get. Keep in mind that choosing the right wheels can influence the performance of your vehicle, your ride comfort, and, more importantly, your safety on the road. Here are some recommendations to help you choose the best ford falcon wheels for sale.

1. Buy from A Reputable Wheel Retailer

Because of the numerous brands and designs to choose from, you may be tempted to buy the cheapest wheels you can get. However, you should know how risky it is to buy cheap wheels. This is because most of them don’t meet the Australian standards for aftermarket parts. Although they might appear similar to those made by popular brands, cheap and replica wheels don’t usually undergo quality tests, which could mean they can be dangerous to use. To avoid this risk, you should buy your Ford Falcon wheels from a licensed distributor that offers quality and name-brand wheels. They will only offer wheels that have met the Australian Design Rules (ADR) and the comprehensive Australian Consumer Law.

2. Don’t Lose Your Nuts Over Lugs

When shopping for aftermarket wheels, you can’t simply choose by appearance and size. It’s important to know that the mounting point on a wheel hub can differ between manufacturers. Aside from the varying number of lugs to mount the wheel on, the stud pattern or Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) could also differ. You can find your wheel’s stud pattern on your car’s manual, or engraved onto your factory wheels. Before buying your new wheels, make sure the stud pattern will fit onto your car’s wheel hub.

3. Choose the Right Wheel Diameter

Although bigger wheels seem like a great option for upgrading your Ford Falcon, they may pose several disadvantages. Because bigger wheels and tyres are heavier, they could have serious implications on your car’s manoeuvring or handling characteristics. In addition, getting larger wheels could lead you to buy lower-profile tyres that have a less cushioning effect, giving you lesser comfort and a harsher ride.

Changing the size of your car’s wheels or tyres will not only affect its riding and handling characteristics but also influence its speedometer and odometer readings. Speedometers and odometers use the rotation of the wheels to calculate how fast and far the car is travelling. These figures are accurate only when the circumference of your tyres aligns with your car’s original wheel specifications. This means that if you get a larger wheel, your car’s tyre will also have a larger diameter and circumference, affecting the accuracy of your speedometer and odometer readings. As a result, you could break speed limits or have a difficult time keeping track of maintenance intervals. Although it’s possible to choose slightly larger wheels, you should still make sure that they will not affect the performance and important gauges of your car.

4. Consider the Wheel Offset

The wheel offset is simply the distance between the wheel’s mounting hub and its centreline. It determines how well a wheel will mount in the car and how far the inner lip of the wheel extends toward the suspension. A face of the mounting hub sitting behind the centreline means the wheel has a negative offset. And, if it sits ahead of the centreline or further out towards the edge of the car, your wheel has a positive offset.

The offset is measured by ET, and the higher the ET number, the more positive the offset is from the wheel’s centreline. This is an important aspect to consider when buying new Ford Falcon wheels because it can affect the way the suspension reacts to the wheel’s movements. Because the suspension assembly is attached to the wheel’s mounting hub, the wheel’s offset could affect the car’s steering response and characteristics. To find the right wheels that can accommodate the offset your car requires, you can use online calculators or seek advice from your trusted wheel shop.

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