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We put our over 20 years of design experience into this range.
Our off-road line reflects a multi-layer and directional design normally seen on car wheels but maintain a tough look we like to see on off-road lines. Every single line on the drawing was thought over carefully from the back to the front of the wheel.

We designed 17 center caps, to make sure the caps fit each P.C.D perfectly.
The cap was designed to be 3 pieces with stainless steel rivets.
The top part is half plastic and half brushed alloy, which could be customized to match the color of the user’s desire.

Hartes Metall, in German translates into English mean “tough metal”.
Every Hartes Metal designs were engineered from scratch by our in house design team based in California.
Hartes Metal wheels are made top grade virgin alloy by state of art low-pressure die casting technology. With the latest CAD technology, we managed to design the weight-reducing pockets at the back of the wheel to accompany the shape of the face, something no other brand has done before. 

The result? All wheels have passed 3,700 lbs safety test at the same time, we manage to make them up to 25% lighter than most of the major competitors on the market.

As TyresNOW in a registered Hartes Metal dealer across Australia we offer more support than others, meaning:

1. Guaranteed Hartes Fitment!
2. Australia Wide Best Prices Guaranteed
3. All Wheels Load Rated
4. Free Installation Kit – (Online Orders)
5. 1 on 1 Expert To Customer Knowledge
6. Brands All In-House
7. Wide Wheel Fitment Range 
8. Quality Assured Shipping 




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