Holden Commodore Wheels

Holden Commodore Wheels

Pros and Cons of Upsizing Your Holden Commodore Wheels

The locally-built Holden Commodore was sort of like Australia’s girl next door when it first came out in 1978, everyone fell in love with it at once. However, after many years and numerous models, the production of these cars has come to an end. Nevertheless, although it’s impossible to get hold of a new Holden Commodore in the years to come, you can still make your good old Holden Commodore look brand new. And, what better way to make it stand out than with a bigger and more stylish set of wheels?

Australia is home to many car enthusiasts, and it is for that reason that it’s not uncommon to see bigger wheels, rims, and tyres to even the earliest models of Australia’s Holden Commodore. Besides making your vehicle look more attractive, it presents many useful benefits in your car’s performance. However, changing mechanical components in your ride can have some drawbacks and you might be unsure if buying a new set of wheels is worth the money. To help you decide, here are the advantages and pros, and cons of upsizing your Holden Commodore wheels.

Pros of Bigger Wheels

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Wheels can add heaps of design benefits to any vehicle. It improves the overall design of your vehicle and makes it look more sporty or luxurious, depending on your preferences. With bigger wheels, your Holden Commodore can turn heads and be a source of envy on the road.

2. Better Grip and Traction

Larger wheels accommodate wider tyres. And since your tyres are your contact point with the road, wider tyres mean you can have better grip and traction. This allows better car handling and helps keep you safe on the road.

3. Improved Cornering

Cornering power allows the vehicle to go around a corner at high speed, without breaking metal. Bigger car wheels improve the cornering ability of your car since it allows more road contact, wider thread, and stiffer sidewalls.

4. Accurate Braking

Because cars with bigger wheels have more contact patches and grip on the road. This allows you to install large-size balanced tyres that will reduce the braking distance and result in better braking.

Cons of Bigger Wheels

1. Increased Fuel Consumption

Using bigger wheels means more weight for your vehicle and more work for your engine. This increases fuel consumption. However, if you have a more powerful engine, there will be little impact on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

2. Hard Steering and Slow Acceleration

Because bigger wheels entail a large contact patch and heavier weight, steering performance and acceleration can be affected. However, there’s a sweet spot when it comes to choosing the right wheel size that can help you avoid this disadvantage. Make sure to ask your wheel salesman about it.

3. Speedometer and Safety System Errors

Your Holden Commodore’s technology is calibrated based on the standard components installed in it. So, changes such as upsizing your wheels could cause the speedometer to respond inaccurately. Likewise, your vehicle’s electronic safety aids, such as EBD, ABS, and traction control, also be negatively affected. You can, however, talk to your trusted wheel and tyre expert to discuss recalibrating your car’s technology to fit your new wheels.

Carefully consider these pros and cons before purchasing a new set of Holden Commodore wheels. The wheels you are buying could be a great or bad investment, depending on which ones you end up picking. Choose a trustworthy dealer with professional and experienced staff that can help you avoid the disadvantages and offers warranties. Make sure you don’t end up dealing with an online seller or physical store that will lead you to cheap rims, wheels, and tyres that will leave you disappointed or getting scammed.

For quality wheels and the sound car upsizing advice, talk to our friendly and experienced staff at Tyres Now. We pride ourselves on offering the best and most affordable wheels for a variety of vehicles and will give you the right fit for your Holden Commodore. We also offer wheel and tyre packages to help you save on costs, as well as other car accessories to improve the look and performance of your vehicle.

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