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INOVIT is an aftermarket alloy wheel company, powered by innovation.

Since our incorporation in 1998, INOVIT has grown from a small home based office operation in the Netherlands to a globally recognized brand known for its precision engineering, unique design, employment of advanced technologies and above all, an innovative approach to the alloy wheel industry.

Our aims are simple, to provide products of such quality, refinement, and sophistication through our dedication and affinity with the automotive industry.

Inovit Wheels offers a wide array of aggressive and functional designs that is sure to please everyone that loves their car. Inovit Wheels feature huge brake clearance and are lightweight, this leads to a greater result in handling and performance. These wheels come in 15″ to 20″ monoblock designs in staggered fitments to fit big power rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

Are you are looking to outfit your Subaru WRX with Japanese Race inspired wheels, or your BMW 3 Series with a classy aftermarket wheels, Well Inovit has something for you!

As TyresNOW in a registered Inovit dealer across Australia we offer more support than others, meaning:

1. Guaranteed Inovit Fitment!
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Our latest twin-5 is such a perfect definition of what can be done to a cast, one piece design we just had to share it with the world. Every detail, down to the multi-layered accents and precision cut-outs leave the competition in its wake.

This is just a small insight into the future of what is to come from Inovit and its design team, we will keep the awesome designs coming. Available in staggered widths with concave profiles to suit your needs, check out the options below.

This design really is a connoisseurs dream. Classic and modern, or a modern-classic if you like.

The devil is in the detail for this one, creating a fresh new look for a multi- spoke design is not an easy task but our designers and manufacturing team have created this masterpiece and we are certain that everyone will agree this is the future of multi-spoke designs. Available in staggered widths with various concave profiles, check out the options below.

Thrust makes us happy, because we created a perfect design from a perfect concept. Every brand has one, but not every brand can be so proud of creating perfection.

Using our multi-layer and straight inner barrel tech, it breathes life into an overpopulated market of mesh style designs. The high weight loading also appeals to commercial sectors looking to add an addition of style and class. Available staggered with concave profile options, check out the options below.

Our Vector is a beautiful thing to behold. Elegant chamfered spokes, straight cut inner barrel, sweeping concave profile, high weight-rating there really is nothing this wheel cannot achieve.

Being an open face design also allies itself to vehicles with large brake setups accentuating them and giving an aggressive visual. The Vector was a hit before we released it, and it is still a hit today. Check out the options below.

Directional wheels are certainly nothing new, and were readily available when this design was conceived. We looked at what was needed to become the perfect directional design and we incorporated our ideas into the finished article.

The Turbine directional design has been a revelation and while people have tried to imitate our design, you just cannot improve on perfection! Available with a deep concave profile on the rear, the Turbine is all the direction you need. Check the options below.

The INOVIT Revolve is the latest design to grace the Prestige range, bringing cutting edge style and attention to detail to the collection. A unique blend of finesse and simplicity results in strikingly bold design unlike any other on the market today.

The precision crafted, teardrop accented spokes that complete the elegant look of the Revolve offer a distinctly high-end feel, making it the perfect accompaniment to any luxury vehicle. Whether installed on a 7 series, S class, Continental GT, Range Rover or Cayenne, the Revolve will be the finishing touch you’re looking for. With a concaved rear in line with today’s trends, we’re confident this wheel will become a mainstay for the high-end automotive market.

Inspired by the hugely popular INOVIT Vortex from our Prestige range, the Sonic’s design is in keeping with the growing market trend for smaller lips. With spokes that extend to the very edge of the wheel that do away with a lip altogether, this complex cross-spoke model was designed using the latest in CAD technology.

The Sonic’s spokes are crafted to minimum thickness in order to reduce the weight of the wheel and improve vehicle performance. Also available for staggered fitment, the Sonic’s superior engineering allows for enhanced brake cooling and wide caliper clearance. Compatible with most five stud applications, the Sonic represents the height of form and function; a ‘must have’ accessory for your vehicle.

The INOVIT Haste is the epitome of Euro-Cool. Ten elegant cross-spokes sit deep in the dished stainless steel rim of this striking wheel, manufactured using up-to-the-minute CNC technology. The advanced equipment employed during production of a Haste wheel allows us to achieve the deepest lip possible without compromising on caliper clearances – a major issue for most standard ‘dished’ wheels.

While the Haste is a monoblock wheel and therefore very light, this particular design provides a split rim effect, for customers who prefer the look of multi-piece styles but don’t want the extra weight. Haste is available for staggered fitment from 18 to 20 inch, with a Hyper Silver or Gloss Black finish to suit your taste.

We are proud to present the lightest design in the entire INOVIT range, the Force 4. With innovation always at the forefront of our minds, we endeavored to create a beautiful multi-spoke design with exceptionally high performance credentials.

The result was the Force 4, a single drilled twelve spoke wheel that combines a classic aesthetic with precision engineering to achieve a substantial reduction in weight without compromising on structural integrity. Skill, creativity and a serious amount of experimentation were necessary to produce such a lightweight wheel for a multi-spoke style. After sampling the finished product, however, we knew the Force 4 was worth every second of our investment. Featuring a timeless design and performance levels that surpassed our expectations, we’re certain your vehicle will feel every bit as good as it looks when customized with the Force 4.

This exceptionally stylish design is sleek reinvention of the one of the most popular wheels in the INOVIT range, the Force 4. Drawing on the fundamental features and engineering techniques used in the previous version, the Force 5 takes the design to a new level with fifteen slender spokes that reach the very edge of the rim. With sizes ranging from 15 inch all the way to 20 inch, and staggered sizes from 18 inch and upward, the Force 5 is one of the most adaptable models we have to offer.

This classic design also incorporates a concaved rear that’s significantly deeper than the front for that instant ‘wow’ factor when fitted. Boasting the same lightweight design as its predecessor but with a little extra style, the Force 5 is of one the finest models of its kind on the market today.

The INOVIT Spin was the inaugural design that marked our official entry into the alloy wheel industry’s competitive landscape. The design proved a huge hit and launched the INOVIT brand into the consciousness of auto-enthusiasts and amateurs alike. The secret to our success lies in the unique style of finish we went onto popularize, which is now a common feature in the designs of wheel companies worldwide.

Our pioneering Black/Machined Face look first took off in the UK market and Europe and soon spread all over the globe. This eminently stylish wheel is accented with our trademark teardrop detail on each of its five flowing spokes and provides optimum strength and durability to ensure a long lasting INOVIT experience. The Spin is available in sizes ranging from 18 inch to 22 inch and comes in a wide variety of fitments.



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