Mazda BT-50 Wheels

Mazda BT-50 Wheels

When To Replace Your Mazda Bt-50 Wheels

Knowing when to get new wheels for your Mazda BT-50 is extremely important. Beyond making your vehicle look more attractive, wheels play a vital role in holding tyres and the overall performance of your vehicle. They provide leverage and a solid base to mount your tyres. They also help reduce friction, assist with handling, and impact your vehicle’s gas mileage. However, wheels do not last forever. Just like tyres, constant use can lead to wheel damage and natural wear. When your wheels start showing warning signs, you must replace them right away. Ignoring those signs can lead to blowouts, or worse, deadly road accidents. So, how will you know it’s time to replace your Mazda BT-50 wheels? Listed below are the warning signs you need to watch out for.

1. Visible Damage

The most obvious reason you need to replace your wheels is visible damage. After driving through rough surfaces and hard objects, you should check the condition of your wheels and tyres right away. If you see cracks and defects on your wheels after sustaining the impact, you will need to have them replaced right away. Even the slightest cracks can have big consequences in your safety and driving experience. And, if you still have to drive further, using your spare will be the best option to take.

2. Flat Tyres

Wheels that are in good running condition can hold tyres tightly and avoid air leaks. In the past, tyres had tubes to hold the air and the exterior layer would encase that tube. Nowadays, tyres are tubeless and wheels play a bigger part in sealing the air in. If your tyre frequently goes flat, even after just filling air in it, your wheel might be cracked and no longer able to hold the air in. If the crack is left unattended, your whole wheel could break apart at any moment and will create a bigger problem.

3. Irregular Alignment

Wheel alignment is the angle of your wheels in relation to each other and the body of your vehicle. Accurate wheel alignment helps you avoid unnecessary wear on your tyres, steering, suspension, and brakes. It also improves driving stability, maximises tyre life, and optimises your vehicle’s overall handling performance. If your Mazda BT-50 starts pulling to the right or left, shows uneven tread wear or its steering wheel is off-centre when you’re driving straight, it may be caused by a damaged wheel. Get your vehicle and wheels checked as soon as possible to correct the issue before it becomes a huge threat.

4. Bulging

If you have a visible gumball-shaped bulge from the side of your tyre, your wheel might be the reason. Hitting a pothole, running into a curb, or driving too fast over speed bumps pinches the tyre against the wheel that will force air into the tyre’s body and appear as a bulge. Since the impact caused damage to your tyre, your wheels might have also taken a hit. To stay on the safe side, take your vehicle to a car shop right away. If you decide to continue driving with a bulging tyre and damaged wheels, a blowout will be the least of your problems.

5. Vibration

One of the most prevalent causes of vehicle vibration is bent or damaged wheels. If you feel that your car is vibrating more than usual, your wheel might be defective. To know this for sure, take your car to a trusted auto shop. Although there are many other reasons for car vibration, such as worn suspension parts, loose engine, and transmission, or damaged brake rotors, getting an expert’s opinion can narrow down the exact cause. And, although a vibration might not seem like such a big concern now, if it’s caused by a damaged wheel, you can expect other car troubles to follow.

Driving on wheels in excellent condition is important in ensuring your safety on the road. By regularly checking your vehicle for these warning signs, you’ll be able to know when your Mazda BT-50 wheels need to be replaced and get the best wheels to suit your car. As a result, you can enjoy a more comfortable and harm-free driving experience.

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