What’s the point of giving your car a new custom touch if you can’t show it off? One of the best things about having cars fitted up in the workshop at tyresnow is that we’re able to proudly take photos and small videos of the finished product to post across our social accounts.

Since we deliver wheels all across Australia, we know that this isn’t always possible, So we have made it easier for customers who want to feature their car to now send us photos via this online form.

As a security precaution, once we receive your photos we block out your number plate details and any other sensitive information. These photos will then be uploaded onto our website gallery which showcases all of our customer cars and they will also be used on our social media pages.

*You are more than welcome to blank out any personal information yourself.

All you have to do is submit your details and photos below. Please ensure you input the right email address just in case we’d like to use your photos else where.

    If you’re having any issues submitting your photos, please send them through email to [email protected]