Performance starts with keeping you safe…

Performance isn’t just about braking, acceleration and cornering. It’s also about keeping more tread on the road for more control so you arrive at your destination safely. The combination of Toyo’s silica-tread compound and tyre construction provides predictable vehicle control in a range of weather conditions and road surface types. In poor weather, Toyo tyres provide a safety margin that other tyres made with older technology simply cannot match.

Multi-wave sipes

Sipes are tiny grooves in your tyres that provide increased grip on slippery roads (such as the first rain after a long dry spell). The sipes lock together when you brake offering better traction. However, normal sipes can increase the tread wear rate and lead to irregular wear and increased noise. Multi-wave sipes, by contrast are designed to minimise those disadvantages.

Silica Tread Compounds

Found in many Toyo tyres, silica tread compounds enhance wet grip and braking, helping maintain control and traction while also lowering rolling resistance. 

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