Toyota Hilux Wheels

Toyota Hilux Wheels

The Dangers Of Buying Replica Toyota Hilux Wheels

Buying a new set of wheels for your Toyota Hilux offers a multitude of benefits. More than making your vehicle a source of envy for other car enthusiasts, replacing your wheels also allow you to have better grip, traction, and cornering. However, purchasing branded high-quality wheels often comes with a hefty price tag. And, if their cost is a big concern for you, you might be tempted to opt for replica wheels. They look very similar to original branded wheels and claim to offer just about the same performance. But, is buying a set of replica wheels really a wise idea? Before investing, be sure to read these dangers of buying replica Toyota Hilux wheels that you should know about.

1. Poor Manufacturing

Replica wheels are manufactured at the lowest cost possible. This means that they use inexpensive materials and methods to create those wheels. Replica wheel manufacturers will create a similar mould that is less expensive than properly made OEM forged wheels. Because of this, there will be slight differences on the front of the wheels and major dissimilarities on their back.

Aside from being moulded in the cheapest way possible, copying the design of the original mould requires very expensive equipment and could cause the replica manufacturer to get sued. Moreover, in making OEM Toyota Hilux wheels, air pressure is applied to the molten metal when it enters the casting. This compresses the metal and increases the wheel’s overall density. As a result, original wheels will have inherent strength and durability to withstand whatever you put them through during a lifetime of driving. In replica wheels, however, the wheel material will be full of irregular areas of density and it will lack the tensile, torsion, or compressive strength their properly manufactured equivalents will have.

2. No Proper Physical Testing

Another danger of buying replica wheels is that they undergo little to zero proper physical testings. Rigorous testing is very important to validate a wheel’s design and performance. Branded wheels will put each of their wheel designs through intense tests such as dynamic fatigue, corner, and impact testing. This allows them to find out how the wheels will work with road contact, torques, speed changes, etc. If the design doesn’t meet the criteria for these tests, the manufacturer will not sell the product. So, you can be sure that your branded genuine Toyota Hilux wheels will perform safely and properly. On the flip side, their copies will be supplied in large amounts without ever undergoing sufficient research, development, and testing. As a result, there will be no guarantee that your replica wheels will perform as well as their original counterparts.

3. Porous Composition

Replica wheels are made using cheaper and more porous materials. They may look very similar to OEMs, but they won’t be as durable. Since they are made using cheaper manufacturing processes and cheaper aluminium alloys, they are much more vulnerable to cracking, bucking, scratching, and vibration. They are much less safe. Unlike OEM alloy wheels that are engineered to deal with heavy impacts and large torque input, replicas will damage more quickly when their spokes and rims are under stress. In fact, many fake wheels have been found to break sections of their rims and spokes on the road due to a lack of strength within their materials.

4. Shoddy Coatings

The finishing touches of OEM wheels help protect them from moisture, dirt, corrosion, and damage. They also keep the rims easy to clean and allow them to keep looking fresh and new. To arrive at this, proper wheel manufacturers apply protective coatings and resins. Meanwhile, replica wheel manufacturers will use a poor finish for their products. They use a fake ‘polished’ finish which will look great initially but will start chipping away after some time. In a matter of months or a few years, depending on how and where you drive your vehicle, you will see a horrible and irregular coverage of your replica wheel’s cheap and thinly-applied coating. And if you buy replica black rims, you can just imagine how unattractive that will look when the coating starts chipping away.

The Takeaway

Buying replica wheels from an online seller might be tempting, especially for a budding car enthusiast. They indeed offer almost identical copies of OEMs and a great amount of savings. But, they can never provide the same quality and safety assurance as to their OEM equivalents. It might not be true for all replicas, but you should never run the risk of using wheels that could easily shatter under hard braking, cornering, and high speeds. Remember that wheels do more than pimp your vehicle; they are also an important part of ensuring optimal driving performance. Manufactured and tested wheels that keep you safe from road disasters are best when purchasing wheels. And, if you do decide to go try a cheaper replica wheel, at least make sure that it comes with documentation showing it has passed the standard tests.

If you want to find the best wheels for your Toyota Hilux, Tyres Now can offer a wide range of options. For prices just slightly higher than replicas, you can get the original, more durable, and safer wheels you want. We will help you pick the right Toyota Hilux wheels to match your needs and desires. At Tyres Now, we won’t just enhance the look of your Hilux, we will also make sure you get the right tyres, wheels, and rims for sale that keep you safe and allow you to have the most value for your investment.

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