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winter tyres

Useful Tips For Making The Most Out Of Purchasing Winter Tyres

When the temperature drops and winter settles, you will need to prepare your winter gear. You’ll need a warm coat, snow boots, bags of salt, and a sturdy shovel. And, to have a safer and more convenient way to get around, your car needs some winter tyres. They help you navigate better on ice and slick roadways and make it easier for you to control your breaks. However, many people think that winter tyres are too expensive for the benefits they provide. Though it may be true that winter tyres don’t come cheap, the safety they provide is certainly worth the investment. And, if you practice the correct use of your winter tyres, it can even help you save money through time. Here are some of the most useful tips to help you make the most out of purchasing winter tyres.

Tip #1: Replace All Four Of Your Regular Tyres With Four Winter Tyres

Winter tyres should always be mounted in sets of four. Although it might seem like a marketing strategy, buying in sets is actually necessary. Whether you drive a front-wheel-drive, a rear-wheel-drive, or an all-wheel-drive, all four tyres are being used. While front tires do the steering and majority of the braking, the rear tyres power the RWD and AWD platforms of your vehicle. And, all four tyres perform vehicle handling. Buying only a pair of winter tyres might seem to be a cheaper route, but it could compromise your safety. Moreover, modern vehicles with anti-lock braking systems, traction control, stability control, and other electronic driving aids rely on measuring tyre rotation and slippage at all four sides. If you don’t use equally sized tyres with uniform grip, these electronic features might not be easy to maneuver in tricky situations.

Tip #2: Get Winter Wheels For Your Winter Tyres

Though mounting winter tyres on your existing wheels may seem cheap upfront, you will need to visit the tire shop at least twice a year. This means you will have to pay your service provider for all the dismounting, mounting, and balancing work. Furthermore, having to take your vehicle to a tire shop is inconvenient. You’ll have to wait for your turn and for servicing to be finished. It could take most of your day or you might have to come back for your car later. By purchasing a dedicated set of winter tyres that are already set on their own wheels, you can avoid the time-consuming and costly task of visiting the tyre shop. If your car or truck has alloy wheels, the winter wheels could have similar alloys as well. But if you want to save, a set of steel wheels for winter use could be good too.

Tip #3: Compute Your Savings From Decreasing The Mileage On Your Regular Tyres

As you are using your set of winter tires, your regular tyres will be stored. If the lifespan of your OE tires is at 60,000 miles and you drive your car around 1,000 miles a month, you will need to get them replaced in 5 years. On the other hand, driving on winter tires for 5 months a year means you’ll only be using your regular tires for 7,000 miles yearly. As a result, your regular tires will be able to last more than three years. You won’t need new ones for a good 8 and 1/2 years. In the same way, at the same average of 1,000 miles per month and using your winter tires 5 months a year, it’ll only add up to a total of 5,000 miles mileage of your winter tires annually. Meaning, if their lifespan is at 30,000 miles, you’ll be able to use them for 6 years. So, despite the high initial costs of buying a set of winter tires, you still get save money by stretching the lifespan of your OE tires and getting a good number of years from your winter one.

Tip #4: Include A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

If your vehicle was made on or later than 2008, it will have a standard Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Some older vehicles may have the system too, as the industry phased it in during the earlier part of that decade. As its name suggests, TPMS monitors tyre pressure and prevent serious accidents. It will warn the driver that at least one or more tires are significantly under-inflated and could be creating dangerous driving conditions. It notifies the driver to slow down and stop the car before losing control. TPMS usually works through a sensor fixed inside each of the 4 wheel assemblies. If you are buying snow tyres with a dedicated set of wheels, you will require TPMS sensors for the warning system to work.

Purchasing another set of TPMS sensors for your winter tyres may seem over the top, but it is a necessary safety system that can save your life while driving on icy climates and difficult roads. However, you should first check your existing TPMS. Your vehicles might operate TPMS indirectly through an existing wheel speed or ABS sensors and getting new ones may not apply to you. Go to a reliable tyre shop to do the checking or installation procedures. These sensors can be sensitive and should be handled expertly.

Tip #5: Find Smaller Winter Wheels And Tyres

Buying a set of four winter tyres, four dedicated wheels, and four TPMS sensors can seriously deplete your savings. So, although you can’t go without any of those things, you must find ways to save money. One way to lessen your expenses is to find smaller and narrower tires. They are significantly cheaper and there’s no rule against using a different size of winter wheels and tires. In fact, using narrower tires could make carving through a snow-covered path easier for a driver. Just make sure they fit properly into your car. If your car manufacturer also sold smaller wheels for the same model, using smaller winter wheels and narrower snow tyres shouldn’t be a problem. Nevertheless, just to be sure, contact your car distributor and discuss your plan before you make the purchase.

Tip #6: Buy Wheel And Tyre Packages

Buying wheels, tyres, and TPMS sensors separately can get confusing and lengthy. Pick a distributor that can hook you up with a complete winter package that includes a set of winter tyres, wheels, and accessories. They should be available in most car dealerships, tire shops, or even online. By buying an all-inclusive package, you’ll be able to save time and the total cost will be lowered. Moreover, they will all be mounted and balanced, ready to be bolted to your car. Just make sure you are getting good quality products across all items in the package. If you’re purchasing through an online shop, make sure to check the total cost, including the shipping schedule and fees.


Having a set of winter tyres is a necessary investment for anyone who drives in winter. Instead of worrying about upfront costs, keep in mind that you are not buying an accessory. You are purchasing a means to keep you and your family safe from vehicular accidents in the snow. Without a good set of winter tyres, you could spend more on medical bills and car repairs. Furthermore, it could lead to painful or irreversible injuries to the people you care the most. Just follow these tips to help you stretch your dollar and you’ll be sure to get even more than what you’ve paid for. And, remember to find the tyres for ice and snow from a reputable tyre shop near you.

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